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Welcome to the Nuvola IoT Solutions website.

We provide simple, easy to understand IoT solutions for your remote monitoring requirements.

Our monitoring nodes need to be able to connect to a local LoRaWAN Gateway to operate. if there isn't already a local gateway within about 5 km of where you want to place your monitoring nodes, you can easily add one of our pre-configured gateways to provide coverage at your location. To install your own LoRaWAN Gateway all you need to provide is power and a working internet connection to connect the LoRaWAN Gateway to the internet. Coverage area can be easily expanded by adding a high gain rooftop antenna.

Once coverage is established you can start adding sensor nodes to report on details of almost anything imaginable. Our monitoring nodes are designed with their own long life battery power supply so they are well suited for installation at unpowered locations, anywhere from out in the garden to remote locations on the farm.

If you cant find a sensor node to suit your needs just let us know and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

To get started now you can either

  • Contact us first if you need to know about existing connectivity in your area or just  
  • Order a LoRaWAN Gateway and a suitable Monitoring Node

Trade, Wholesale & Bulk Purchases If you sell, install and support IoT solutions or just need to buy a lot of our stock then we would be happy to discuss a volume or trade discount arrangement with you. Please contact us for more information about our trade pricing.